„It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”
Prof. Leon C. Megginson, interpretation of Charles Robert Darwin’s “Origin of Species” (1809-1882, English natural scientist)

Strategic Partnership

We are an advisory firm focused on alternative assets. Our expertise covers the areas of private equity and real estate, as well as advisory on selected M&A situations.

Our strategic partners are the Swiss AlphaInvest Capital Partners AG and the German SWIMS Invest GmbH.

This network allows us to act swiftly and flexibly in the market.

History of TF Ventures Group

2012: Foundation in Meilen (CH) as a management consulting and investment company

2017: Foundation of a superordinate family holding company to bundle and better coordinate the various entrepreneurial activities

2017: Participation in the German SWIMS Invest (focus: transactions commercial real estate)

2020: Participation in AlphaInvest Capital Partners AG (focus: private equity / private debt)

2021: Increasing orientation of TF Ventures GmbH as a pure management consultancy and service provider within the group


AlphaInvest Capital Partners is a Swiss club deal investment boutique for family offices, focusing on investments in young growth companies and innovative SMEs, as well as project and bridge financing. alphainvest-cp.com

SWIMS Invest is a real estate broker focused on core objects with strong expertise in commercial and residential real estate. The company targets single objects and portfolios located in Germany. swims-invest.de


2021: TF Ventures invests in SwissDrones Operating AG as part of a Series B growth capital round

2020: SWIMS Invest connect "Bernstein-Center" in Nittendorf to


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