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TF VENTURES does not conduct its own direct real estate business and does not invest itself – neither in a proprietary portfolio nor in project developments. Real estate transactions in Germany are handled by SWIMS Invest.

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ARBIREO CAPITAL is an independent investment manager operating on the German real estate market. The company identifies, structures and executes investments for international, professional, institutional and semi-professional investors. Moreover, Arbireo Capital advises on selected M&A and capital markets’ situations.

RATISBONA Handelsimmobilien is an internationally operating family business with strong regional ties. The company focuses on conceptualization, development, realization, sale, and asset management of food retail objects, DIY and retail centers. Within this segment, RATISBONA belongs to the leading and most successful companies in Germany. Retail partners include Netto, REWE, EDEKA, ALDI, Lidl, PENNY, NORMA, denn's Biomarkt, Müller Drogerie, Rossmann, Reno, dm-Drogerie, Deichmann, AWG, Takko, KiK und Ernsting´s Family.

SWIMS Invest is a real estate broker focused on core objects with strong expertise in commercial and residential real estate. The company targets single objects and portfolios located in Germany. The TF Ventures Group holds an equity stake of 50% in the SWIMS Invest GmbH.


2021: TF Ventures invests in SwissDrones Operating AG as part of a Series B growth capital round

2020: SWIMS Invest connect "Bernstein-Center" in Nittendorf to


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